Spirit Portraits

I was teaching my oil painting class in June of 2014, where my student Gretchen brought one of her dear friends to class.  Debbie, Gretchen and I chatted after class, and the conversation turned to intuitive art and psychic skills. Debbie Hamilton is a gifted psychic, medium and healer. She recognized something about me, and later invited me to one of her mediumship demonstrations. She suggested that I sit in the back of the room with my sketchbook and draw whatever came to mind while she was giving readings to the audience. This drawing was my first effort – just letting the pencil go where it wanted. I did several faces, and after the demonstration, Debbie invited me to share my drawings with the group. One of the ladies asked if she could photograph this drawing, and sent the photo of the drawing to her two brothers, not telling them who it was or how she got it. Each of the brothers asked, “Who drew the picture of Dad?” She sent the photograph of her father to me, and I had the thrill of getting validation on my first try!


My first Spirit Portrait in July 2014.

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