Montaña del Oro Cliff

9x12 oil on panel, $450

9×12 oil on panel, $450

We love to drive up and down the California coast, painting and taking photographs. That is, I’m painting, and Clary is taking photographs. He’s nice enough to share his photographs with me if I get an inspiration to paint back in the studio, too. My own eyes perceive color differently than the camera, so I interpret the photos and simplify, add, subtract, move things around, and generally think like an artist! At some point, I might put the photo away and just look at the painting, and ask, “What if?”

Montaña del Oro State Park is just south of Los Osos. They have camping and hiking, and the scenery is spectacular. We spent several days just trekking along the sea cliffs and breathing in the deliciously salty ocean air. If you get a chance, see it for yourself!

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